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Project D1

Confined Colloidal Crystals in and out of Equilibrium

Project leaders

  1. Prof. Dr. Thomas Palberg
  2. Dr. Hans Joachim Schöpe
  3. Dr. René Messina
  4. Prof. Dr. Hartmut Löwen


Using a combination of light scattering and microscopy on the experimental side as well as simulations and lattice sum calculations on the theoretical side, we shall continue to study confined charged colloidal crystals in equilibrium and out of equilibrium. In particular, the equilibrium phase behavior of binary charged mixtures under confinement will be explored. Stable equilibrium crystal structures will be identified as a function of particle interaction and confining geometry. In addition we shall apply external pertubations, to drive the system out of equilibrium. Envisioned are local changes of interaction strength, application of shear (connecting to project group A) and of electric fields (connecting to project group B).